Kick Winter in the Snow Ball

Kick winter in the snow balls

Kickball 2016
Put together a team of nine to twelve players and register for the Kick Winter in the Snow Ball tournament on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2016 in Penn  Meadows Park Tundra.

There are two divisions: the family division and the adult division. The family tournament (all ages welcome, but an adult must be present) will take place at 10 a.m. and is $75/team. The adult division (ages 18+ only) will take place directly following the family tournament at 11 a.m. and is $100/team.

Gloves$25 Scheels Gift CardRegistration includes a pair of Beat the Bitter knit gloves for each player. Each player of the both the family division and adult division winning teams will also take home a $25 Scheels gift card! Tournaments consists of round-robin play, with the best record in each pool advancing to championship play.

To determine the champion of each pool, we first consider overall record, then head-to-head record, then run differential, then total number of runs scored, then the always-popular coin flip (we use a United States quarter dollar).

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  • Teams consist of 9 to 12 players of any age or gender.
  • The strike zone is 2 feet on each side of home plate.
  • Kickers cannot cross home plate to kick
  • No more than 10 players may play the field at one time.
  • Maximum roster size is 12 players.
  • Any fielder must kick, but players are not required to field in order to kick.
  • Shoes are required (duh), and you can’t wear cleats.
  • Kicking order can only be changed with other team’s consent
  • Substitutes from the bench can be made for injuries.
  • Each game lasts five innings or 40 minutes, whichever occurs first. (Games may be shortened due to weather conditions.)*
  • Ties are broken with extra innings only in championship matches.
  • Each team is responsible for tracking runs.
  • Don’t be a jerk.


  • Each game lasts three innings or 30 minutes, whichever occurs first. (Games may be shortened due to weather conditions.)
  • Only four teams will play in the family divison and each team will play twice. The two first place teams of the first game advance to a championship game, and the other two teams will play against each other for a second game.
  • All players will recieve a participaton gift for registration, but the team that wins the championship game will earn an additional prize as well.


  • Each at kick: kicker gets three pitches in the strike zone to kick the ball, regardless of foul or missed kick
  • Any roll outside of the 2-foot strike zone is a ball
  • Four pitched balls outside of strike zone is a walk.
  • A foul ball is anything outside of the base lines, or a ball that is kicked and the ball hits the kicker, or hits the backstop
  • No bunting; must take a full kick.
  • The pitcher cannot sidearm or overhand roll the ball
  • The ball must roll prior to hitting the home plate.
  • Any roll inside or touching the 2-foot strike zone is a fair ball
  • Runners cannot run outside of the baselines
  • No stealing or leading off. Sliding is ok, but at the runner’s risk.
  • No in-field fly rule; if ball is caught in the air in the infield, runners may touch base and advance at their own risk
  • Runners can be hit with the kickball by the fielder. If a runner is hit above the shoulders they are safe.
  • Runners can over run first base if they curve to the right. Curving to the left indicates the play is live and can be tagged out.
  • Runner is out if hit by a kicked ball from the kicker
  • Runners can advance until the ball is controlled by the pitcher and is in the mound area
  • Runners cannot advance on foul balls
  • The pitcher must stand on the mound to start pitch
  • Fielders cannot block the bases- if blocked, the runner is safe
  • Reminder: Don’t be a jerk.
  • Rulings by umpires are final