Affiliated Events

Like what you see and want to get your business involved?

Affiliated event applications will be accepted through December 15, 2017. Please complete this application and email it to Questions? Give us a call at (319) 626-5726.

Screw hibernation. Beat the Bitter returns in February 2018 to get Iowans out of the house for some outdoor winter fun and good cheer.Beat the Bitter is irreverent. It plays with fire. It’s boisterous and gregarious. It embraces winter with the passion of Norseman. It’s a roaring blaze during the bleakest days of the year.

And you’re invited to help us show the world that North Liberty knows how to do winter right. Beat the Bitter will host a free family-friendly night of fire and ice on Feb. 2, and winter games and good cheer on Feb. 3, but we want to share the spotlight (and winter love) with the rest of the community, and make North Liberty a bright spot on a bleak winter landscape.

What we’ll do
• Promote the heck out of a week of winter games and good cheer in North Liberty
• Produce core events drawing participants from around the area to North Liberty
• Provide marketing materials for affiliated events in conjunction with our core events
What you’ll do
• Organize and execute a special event thematically connected to Beat the Bitter that makes sense for your organization
• Include the Beat the Bitter logo and name in any independent marketing you do
• Name Beat the Bitter as an additional insured

Beat the Bitter-affiliated events are independently organized events occurring in North Liberty, Iowa, on or between Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, and Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018. They should connect to our themes of winter games or good cheer, be located outside of Penn Meadows Park (note that events planned on public property, that including outdoor amplified music, require road closures or might significantly impact neighbors require a special event permit from the city). Affiliated events are responsible for providing their own supplies, insurance and naming Beat the Bitter as an additional insured. Beat the Bitter reserves the right to decline affiliation with any proposed event.

We’re open to a wide range of events: indoor or outdoor, family-friendly or age-restricted, free or paid, walk-up or registration-required. We challenge you to think creatively, work with others, and fill North Liberty with excitement during the winter’s nadir.